A Romantic/Industrial Milan Loft for a Bohemian Design Duo

Jamie Rosenthal, the always-ahead-of-the-curve proprietress of Lost & Found in Los Angeles, clued us in to Italian label B’sbee a while back. Founded in Milan in 2001 by Cinzia Bertocchi and Maurizio Pelligrini, a nomadic couple who travel the world in search of inspiration, B’sbee is a line of clothing and housewares with a distinctive, slightly disheveledin a good way), bohemian vibe. (As Jamie says, “You can immediately sense there is an integrity and soulfulness to Bsbee’s handwoven textiles and designs that rarely exists in clothing or homewares today.”)  Join us for a tour of their Milan loft (and see the range of offerings at Lost & Found here).


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Remodelista september 2016
September 2016